Projects of 1997 year

Oil refining
Oil and Gas Production
Oil refining
Oil and Gas Production
Заказчик Объект Работа Фотографии
ЗАО "Петрохим Инжиниринг", г. Москва AVT-6 Kirishsky Refinery

Revamp of vacuum system for AVT-6 Unit, Kirishsky Refinery.

Outline of design basis and development of detail engineering documents for upgrading K-10 Vacuum Tower, AVT-6 Unit, Kirishsky Refinery.

АО "Трест №7", г. Москва -

Development of detail engineering documents for polypropylene silos.

ЗАО "Трест-Коксохиммонтаж", г. Москва Mini-Refinery

Development of detail engineering documents for connecting section of domestic, potable and raw water networks at the site of the Mini-Refinery, Tikhoretsk.

ЗАО "Трест-Коксохиммонтаж", г. Москва ELOU-AVT-3 Atirau Refinery

Development of design documents for replacement of K-2 Tower of ELOU-AVT-3 Unit, Atirau Refinery.

ЗАО "НПЦЭО", г. Москва ELOU-AVT-6 Moscow Refinery

Development of detail engineering for emergency discharge of ELOU-AVT-6 Vacuum Unit, Moscow Refinery.

Конфиденциально -

Development and implementation of the Integrated Information CAD System for JSC “”LUKoil-Rostovneftechimproject”.

НИК "КЕДР-89", г. Москва ELOU-AVT-3 Komsomolsk on Amur Refinery - Rosneft

Development of basic engineering package for revamping ELOU - AVT-3 Unit, JSC “Komsomolsk Refinery - Rosneft”.

ОАО "Интерхимпром-Оксосинтез", г. Пермь -

Utility consumption analysis for JSC "Interchimprom-Oksosintez" to reduce production costs. Recommendations on energy saving.

ООО "НИЦ НК ЛУКойл", г. Москва AVT-3 "LUKoil – Volgogradneftepererabotka"

Analysis and optimization of AVT-3 operating modes, "LUKoil - Volgogradneftepererabotka".